22 Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Suffering from Depression

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It can be a little hard to choose gifts for someone who you know is suffering from depression because we do not know what they would like and make use of. But one thing to be kept in mind is that during this hard time, they surely lack some good time of calmness and relaxation. Considering that, we have listed 22 gift ideas for your loved ones battling depression.

22 Gift Ideas for Someone with Depression


Sticky notes

Sticky notes are both cute and helpful. You can gift your loved one a bundle of them with some great quotes written on each of them. They can choose to stick them on their refrigerator, laptop or bathroom mirror.

Revival kit

I absolutely love this one. A revival kit consists of a number of beauty and wellness products that are basically aimed to provide you with relaxation, mindfulness and time for self-care. You can order this online or also get this customized.

A book

Books will forever be our best friend and this does stand true in real life. Furiously happy by Jenny Lawson makes use of humour that helps people to deal with depression and might be a welcome change for them.

Gift card

Gift cards have taken over the trend. Most of us don’t know what the other person will prefer to shop, so the best option is to give them a gift card. That can be a shopping card or a massage session, both being a relaxing and enjoyable experience for them.

A notebook

Expressing your thoughts by way of writing them down in a notebook can be majorly helpful. May be, they will start to do that as well and it will ease their pain to at least some extent?


Nowadays, we can easily get a number of t-shirts with some funny, inspiring or other quotes printed on them. You can gift a few t-shirts to your friend as well.

A pet

For that, before you gift someone an animal, you must know his/her preferred choice, i.e. whether to gift a kitty, a dog or some other animal. Also, another important aspect is whether they want to keep one or not. A lot of people are scared of animals and do not prefer the idea of having to look after a pet and it is necessary to know about their wishes before getting them animals.


One of the soothing ways to relieve anxiety is these warm blankets. Weighted blankets give you a sense of feeling like you have someone who is sleeping along with you, hugging you tightly all night long.

A scented candle

I love decorating my room with a number of scented candles. Trust me, I get a number of them every week. These are infused with some great essential oils that won’t fail to provide you with a relaxing ambiance and aromatic smell.

Inspirational mug

You can pair an inspirational mug with a box of herbal tea and wrap it up in a beautiful gift paper and a beautiful ribbon to make it a cute gift given with love.

Spa box

By gifting a spa box, you are gifting someone a day full of relaxation. The box consists of a number of bath goodies that can be bath slats, bath bombs and handmade soaps etc.

Scented bath salts

One of the very relaxing scents that you must add to your bath time is lavender. Not only does it come with a good packaging but it is also very cheap. Besides lavender, there are also various other varities of bath salts that assure you have a relaxing and happy time.

Yoga mat

Exercising for at least half an hour in the morning provides our mind with a sense of relief that sets us free from all the worries we have been going through. A yoga mat will push you forward towards it.

White noise machine

Who doesn’t want to sleep on the laps of nature? If you find someone who has trouble sleeping at night, you can gift them this machine that creates the sounds of ocean or a forest that might help them sleep faster.

Inspired posters

These inspired posters are enough to provide someone the boost they require to get up every morning. This is a great gift for someone who is suffering with depression.

A movie series

You can find a number of movies on the internet that can help people suffering with depression. They may not prefer watching movies but when you have a collection of them kept by your side, you may would like to just go through them when you feel low.

A soft toy

These days it’s not just those teddy bears but we have a got a number of pandas, pooh, little dogs and more. So, when there is no one by our side, we have at least got their shoulders to cry on.

Spend a day with them

Plan out and spend a whole day doing a number of activities with your loved one. For someone who is depressed, none of the materialistic things can be compared to a day well spent with someone they are close to. You may watch movies, cook food and more importantly, talk because that is all they need during this hard time.

A pill case

Most of the times, it happens that we tend to forget which pill we were supposed to take or when we had to take it. Thus, a pill case can help solve this problem pretty easily.

Massage pad

One of the most common symptoms of depression during the cold months is body aches. And a heating/massage pad can thus prove to be majorly beneficial for someone having a hard time.

A letter

This can be the most special gift to someone. Just expressing your thoughts and assuring them that you are always by their side, is all they need to know during this time.

Collection of songs

Music is not only pleasant to our ears but it also helps us to calm down and feel relaxed. You can create your own collection of songs or make them a mixed tape that you feel would help them.

Let’s shine a little light on someone’s life and bring them joy with these amazing gifts. Even if they fail to express, believe me they will be overwhelmed with your efforts of making them happy.

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