Top 8 Essential Oils for Depression and Anxiety

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The human is filled with many different kinds of emotions and tolerance quotients. Testing them can prove to be very disturbing to the human brain. But then when you take a look into what might disturb this state of mind, then daily routine and keeping your mind under constant stress due to any kind of external factor can affect it in many folds. Hence the mind tends to go under a state also known as depression or anxiety. All of this accumulates in it and is really harmful. It also causes some severe amount of problems where solutions can be provided but nothing is serious and needs to be under constant surveillance for it to be removed from the body.

Hence when we talk about medication and treatment revolving around depression and anxiety, there are so many things that you can try but not really feel the difference in general. But then there are some naturally occurring ingredients or products that can be turned into a mixture of things to make some form of essential oils that can prove to be the very change that one might want. Hence in this article, we are going to deal with the various types of oils that you can use in order to fight against anxiety and depression. Let’s get started.

8 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression


Depression and anxiety have been on the rise in recent times and there have been some really interesting techniques to overcome the surge of this effect. Hence out of the various kinds of treatments we have provided, one of the best ways that you can try to beat anxiety and depression is through the implementation of oils that can bring about some really interesting changes and improve your overall health.. The various oils have been enlisted below.


The oils extracted from bergamot happens to have several antioxidants that help in the overall stimulation of blood in the body and provides a feeling of relief that you can never get enough off. It releases all the stress build up in the body and brings your mind into a relaxed state where you are free of everything and it is the best feeling ever. In terms of keeping the mind in a stable state, it boosts up the calmness and promotes all round behavioral changes that can make a greater difference in the long run with its regular usage. Also whenever you feel that you might be experiencing some form of rise in your blood pressure then applying this oil makes it really easy to relax the rising pulse and elevates all-around improvement in body behavior and helps you live a happier life.

Roman chamomile

These forms of oils are only used as an inhaler rather than in the oil state. This is mainly because of the fact that adding drops of oil to the boiling water and inhaling it can stimulate the peaceful factor that you might lack during an anxiety or depression attack. So try to use it in smaller quantities as a small drop of these oils can do wonders and help in overall removal of anxiety issues from the body. Several anti-anxiety medications happen to use the oil from this plant in order to get the desired levels of antioxidants to be relaxed in the body and help in getting rid of the harmful effects of anxiety and depression for good.


Lavender oil is essential for anyone who might want to change their mood. Well, it’s mainly used to change their mood from bad to good and also make them significantly happier than before. With no side effects enlisted, it’s perfect oil that can be used to fight off anxiety and depression. A small amount of lavender oil extraction is perfect to hit the spot in the body where you might be experiencing stress and feel a state of depression. But on the other hand several studies that have been conducted on lavender oil have shown that it’s best suitable for reducing the overall moody state of mind and bringing it to a much more suitable phase which is not grumpy and angry. Also, it helps in reducing the overall depression quotient of the body significantly. Thus the health status of the body is elevated and the person feels happier and really energetic for a longer period of time.

Ylang Ylang

The name of this oil extract sounds really funny but then it is perfect oil that helps in battling out the negative vibes and brings in positivity into the body. Ylang Ylang happens to be the best oil for anxiety and depression as it tends to act slowly on the problem rather than rushing into it, giving you a soothing and calming effect that can never be forgotten. It relaxes ever nerve of your body such that you can literally feel and have the best of time after you have applied or inhaled it.


There are many wonderful benefits of using rose and rose oil or rose water is one of those things that one can use in order to help the body reduce the chances of heart attacks and panic attacks which might be caused by anxiety and depression. Like lavender oil extracts, rose oil has the properties that help the body remain calm by eliminating stress and other negative feelings from the body and makes it work less to reduce the load on the body and get the best feeling ever after its application.


Chamomile oilis the perfect supplement for reducing anxiety and depression It helps in reducing blood pressure and promoting the all round harmony of the body. Furthermore, you can witness that the kind of condition where the body goes under stress and starts to over think situations is drastically reduced and it also stimulates the production of relaxation hormones that result in feeling a soothing effect all throughout the body.


The name of this oil might sound really weird but when one happens to inhale it in the form of vapor, then it’s benefits are plenty. It provides a form of energy that helps you overcome the anxiety and depression attack that you might be facing and also eliminate any further chances of it ever occurring again. It is also a great supplement that can be used to calm down the mind during meditation and yoga.


To improve the overall calibration of the human body, certain essential oils are created to help overcome anxiety and depression attacks. Furthermore, Vetiver is a really gentle supplement that you can use in order to become more aware about the things that you see around you and give you the “best in class” feel about yourself, eliminating the very thought of anxiety and depression from the body. It stabilizes the body and brings about a drastic calmness effect that can be felt for several hours.

Hence oils can be really helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. So try them out to have complete control over your body. All the best and do the needful.


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