Patchouli Oil can Treat Depression and Mood Swings: Benefits and Uses

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Essential Oil for Depression

Essential oils are slowly gaining prominence and being widely used to treat a host of medical problems ranging from digestion, skin care to mental health. The essential oil of patchouli is extracted by steam distillation from leaves of the patchouli plant, whose botanical name is Pogostemon cablin or Pogostemon patchouli. It is exceptionally effective for depression because of its success as an agent of aromatheraphy. The strong smell of patchouli oil makes it a popular choice for using it in perfumes and alternative medicines. It includes lavender, mint and sage which imparts its characteristic soothing smell.

Depression is a serious medical illness experienced by a lot of people that negatively impacts your feelings, your thoughts or your actions. Common symptoms of depression are a low feeling, lack of interest in activities you previously enjoyed, drastic changes in appetite, disturbed sleep pattern, and an overall feeling of despair and hopelessness. Fear, stress, and anxiety are normal feelings but when they are completely consuming and hinder your productivity you need help to manage them. Patchouli oil can relive one of all the symptoms of depression.

In aromatherapy, the essential oils are smelt or absorbed through the skin. This results in the betterment of our mental and physical health. Aromatheraphy using essential oils can be used for depression. Essential oils have to be diluted for use as they are in an extremely concentrated form. You can use essential oils by inhaling the oils, using them on your skin, or using them to scent your house.

Benefits of Patchouli Oil and Its Uses


Patchouli Oil Benefits

Patchouli oil has many benefits like soothing inflammation, improving blood circulation, fastening healing process, fighting fever and preventing fungal growth. Apart from that, patchouli oil is commonly used in aromatherapy because  its an anti-depressant. Inhalation of the patchouli oil has a stabilizing effect on our hormones. Psychiatrists agree that low levels of neurochemicals, especially low levels of serotonin and dopamine cause depression. Inhaling patchouli oil encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine. These neurochemicals reduce the feelings of anger, anxiety and nervousness.

Patchouli oil is used in incense sticks and also during prayers to create an atmosphere of tranquility. The smell of the essential oil eases our mind and relaxes the tension in our body.

Depression seriously affects our sleep cycle and libido as well. Patchouli oil has the power to affect your hormones and increase your libido. It is widely known as one of the popular natural remedies for impotency and erectile dysfunction. Patchouli oil stimulates the increase of the hormones like testosterone and estrogen levels which have a beneficial impact on your intimate relationships.

Depression also messes with our normal sleep pattern and causes insomnia. A good night’s sleep helps in setting the right tone for our day.  Patchouli oil is has a sedative effect and it helps to treat insomnia. Inhaling it helps to put your mind and body at ease and allows you to relax peacefully. You can apply 2–3 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and cup your nose with your hands. Take your time to relax and breathe in the sweet scent of patchouli oil and ease into sleep.

How to use Patchouli Oil for Depression

Patchouli essential oils can be applied in various ways.

For portable and accessible use, inhale patchouli oil. You should put a few drops of the oil on a handkerchief or a tissue. You can keep in your pocket and inhale it at regular intervals. You can also use aromatherapy bracelet or necklace. Inhaling the fragrance boosts positive energy and relaxes your mind, freeing it of the stress and emotional baggage causing depression.

In your home you can use an oil burner or diffuser to spread the smell all around your house and promote a peaceful environment suitable for relaxing. The sweet fragrance of the patchouli oil and its medical benefits will help in reducing depression. The volatile agents in the oil are absorbed into the blood stream which release serotonin and dopamine.

Essential oils are very concentrated so they can be used as part of your bath by adding 5 drops of the oil to the running water. Then take a slow relaxing bath in the tub. Aromatherapy suggests that patchouli oil affects a number of biological factors. It stabilizes the heart rate, reduces stress levels, stabilizes blood pressure and breathing, and increases strength of the immune system.

Finally, patchouli oil can be used as part of massage. You can either do it on your own or hire a professional. Be sure to dilute the oils first with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil). Use about 5 drops of patchouli essential oil with about 10 ml of carrier oil for the ideal mixture. When massaged, the oil is absorbed in the body and relaxes your mind.

Use skin care and hair care products containing patchouli oil.  Although this is a less direct method for treating depression using patchouli oil, using products containing this essential oil will extend the scope of its application and make its use more effective.

Patchouli essential oil is a natural remedy that can help to keep our moods and emotions stable. Patchouli oil has gained popularity as it is relatively inexpensive. It boosts our mood and relieves us from stress.  Aromatherapy is highly effective in curing depression and anxiety. The lavender, sage, and peppermint content in patchouli oil is ideal for calming your nerves and relaxing your mind.


15 Amazing Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

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